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Search for “Henry Ford” in your EMR’s drop-down list.

Our services make it easy for you and your patients

One on One Pharmacy Consultations with Your Patients

Ensuring your patients receive prescription education including ways to avoid possible side effects contraindications, the importance of following directions, and answering any patient questions to maximize safety and adherence.

We Stock Difficult to Find Medications

We stock a variety of medications providing a more comprehensive range of treatment plans. Whether it’s a one-time prescription or chronic treatment, we have the medications you need, when you need them. 

Dual Language, Talking Prescription Labels

Giving patients with visual and reading impairments the ability to hear important prescription label information free of charge. Multiple languages and large print available. 

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Easy and Efficient Provider to Pharmacist Communication

Collaboration with your on-site Henry Ford pharmacist through HALO, EMR, email, phone, or in-person communication improves coordination of care, saves you time, and reduces unnecessary phone calls.

Prompt Live Response to Calls

Prompt Live Response to Calls

Patients reach a live care coordinator that will listen and assist.

Extensive Patient  Resources

Extensive Patient Resources

Promoting a higher level of treatment satisfaction, patient safety, and increased patient engagement.

Dual Language, Talking Prescription Labeled

Dual Language, Talking Prescription Labeled

Our dedicated team coordinates benefits, handles prior
authorizations, and thrives for the lowest out-of-pocket cost.

Specialized Clinical Support

Specialized Clinical Support

Pharmacists are available to support patient treatment success.